Alicia Milloz

Professionnal hacker.
You can find her in the Rolex, coding like a perfectionnist data analyst.

Maria Guerraoui

“My life as a datascientist right now is fuck as hell”
Professionnal ML programmer. You can find her either in the Rolex or at Sat, surrounded by close friends but always ready to deep into the marvellous data analysis world.

Virginie Garnier

Project idea designer and professionnal plot maker.
You can find her in the Rolex, working hard to make the perfect readme and always there to help you on whatever you might struggle with, from data analysis to personnal issues.

Anissa Hammi

Website designer.
You can find here in her lab in SV, coding the website between two Drosophila brain dissections. Due to a harsh start of the semester, Anissa arrived late in the team work but she does as best as she can to help the team and she’s having a lot of fun designing this website.